Custom Men's Doggos


Slide, Slide, Slippity Slide

Easy to slide on and off, Doggos are ready to become your go-to pair of shoes when you have to take your dog out for a bathroom break or a walk around the neighborhood. 

You can't always take your best friend with you, but you can always wear your Doggos!


• Made in the USA, just for you

• The straps snap on and off! Stock up on a few different strap styles so you can match your footwear with your mood

• The foot bed is .5" tall. We're not saying you need the extra height, but we're not saying you don't either

• Doggos have traction on the underside of the foot bed, which makes them non-slip!

• The strap is made of a cozy neoprene that gives you a bit of stretch and padding for your toesies

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