Should We Go? Signature Hands-Free Dog Leash

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Keep your hands free while you're out with your dog! Snap a photo, look up directions, send a text, push a stroller, or use a training clicker and pull out a treat. It's all so much easier when you have your hands free.

The leash attaches to an adjustable waist belt that allows you to maintain control of your dog in a totally hands-off way. You have two handles to grab when you need your dog's attention, but you can let it all go and just enjoy your walk if you don't.

The leash features a hidden bungee that absorbs pulling and gives your dog room to explore. The leash swivels from side to side so you don't have to keep adjusting.

We’ve found that 4 feet is the sweet spot for a hands free leash. Your dog is able to walk beside, behind, or in front of you without getting in your way (and without the leash dragging on the ground.) The bungee allows the leash to extend up to 5 feet if your dog needs more space.

Also, we use this leash every day and we're pretty big fans. Just sayin'.


    • Leash expands from 4' - 5'
    • Waist belt adjusts from 24" - 45"
    • Suitable for most dogs, 10-100lbs
    • The leash has all metal hardware except for the heavy duty plastic buckle and size adjuster on the waist belt
    • Two rows of reflective stitching frame the leash and belt
    • Upper handle has neoprene padding
    • 100% Awesome. ;) 


    Deep Purple
    Pale Pink
    Periwinkle Blue
    Mint Green

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