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Hi, I'm Elise.

I help busy dog moms and dog dads spoil and care for their pets. Dog people are my people and I believe that a healthy relationship with your dog can be one of the most rewarding things in life.


If you have a dog, you know what I mean. 

I offer innovative products & thoughtful advice that can help you be your best dog-owner-self (and okay, spoil your dog just a bit.)

People have been saying some very nice things about what we do over here:

"I cannot say enough great things about Elise and her business!!!" — Carli Festa

“Excellent product! Well made, clever design. I use it daily !” — Monica Montag

"Perfect beautiful dog bowls for my puppy who will eventually grow into the size! They’re not easy to knock over and so pretty." — Keena, via Etsy

"These bowls are absolutely beautiful and are very high-quality!" — Rachel Drobner

"Love it! I never thought to go hands-free before, but this leash has me sold." — Kate R. 

Beyond designing useful products, I'm also an advocate for positive reinforcement training. I've seen the overly stern dog trainers (or worse, people who still think they have to hit or yell at their dogs to get them to behave) and to that I say, "Nope."

Training your dog should be fun, playful, and even a little silly, just like they are. Bonus: when you keep it positive and tell your pup what you want, you'll actually get results much faster. 

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How Did This Become My Life?

 Okay, okay, since you're still following along, I'll tell you more about my story. In 2016, my husband and I hopped in my Prius and took a road trip across America with our 85 lb rescue dog, Emmet. Twenty-two states, 8,000 miles, 6 weeks, and the best time of our lives later, I emerged with an unexpected revelation:

Every time we rolled into a new town, I was amazed at how much we connected with locals and other people passing through. (And it wasn't only because my husband can literally chit chat with anyone.) 

People approached us because they wanted to say hi to our dog, Emmet. Have you ever had that happen? Maybe he reminded them of their own dog so they wanted to say hi. Or maybe they've always wanted a dog of their own, so they try to pet every dog they see (totally get that.) Whatever the reason, traveling with our dog completely changed our experience.

This all made me reflect on just how big of an impact our dogs have on our lives. 

We love them to pieces (like, it's almost weird how much we love them), we worry about them when we're at work, we feel guilty when we go out of town. They make us proud, they help us relax, they comfort us, they get us off the couch and outside into the world. 

They connect people. 

I started Should We Go? to honor this idea. I love connecting with dog owners and I respect how much our own dogs mean to us. I think we can spoil them and appreciate that connection in a non-cheesy way. 


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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it and I'm sure your dog does too!

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Good boy, Emmet! 


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