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1. Unbox Your Mat

If you notice the ends are curling up, don't worry. It's an easy fix.

2. Flip The Mat Over

To start, flip your mat so the lip and logo side are facing down.

3. Roll Your Mat Up

Roll your mat up in the opposite way that it was rolled in the packing box.

4. Squeeze The Mat

Squeeze all the way down the length of the mat. Pay special attention to the ends.

5. Lay It Flat

Place your mat back down and check your progress. So much better!

6. Repeat If Neccesary

If your mat still curls up on one side, repeat this process and focus just on that one side.

7. (Optional) Give It An Extra Squeeze

Give your problem side an extra squeeze. The mat *will* lay flat, so repeat this process if it isn't flat yet.

8. Lay It Flat Again. Boom!

So. Much. Better. Step back and admire your work.

9. Top It With Your Favorite Pet Bowl

Place your pet bowls on top of the mat and call your pup over. Dinner time!