Our Story

Hey, I'm Elise!

Elise Hennigan Should We Go?


I'm on a mission to make it easier to take your dog with you - to school, to work, to the mountains, to the beach, to your new boyfriend's mom's house. Being a dog owner takes work, but with the right equipment and some proper training, it should be pure joy. 

In 2016, my boyfriend and I threw our 85 lb rescue puppy, Emmet, in the backseat of my Prius and took a road trip across America. Twenty-two states, 8,000 miles, and 6 weeks later, and I emerged with some new ideas on how to make traveling and navigating day-to-day life with a dog much easier.

Constantly adapting to new environments with a large dog in tow is bound to spark some creativity, right? (Or maybe it was the hours spent staring at cornfields.)

When we returned, I got to work and launched Should We Go? with my first product, a hands-free dog leash. It's getting great feedback so far!


“Excellent product! Well made, clever design. I use it daily !” — Monica Montag

"Love it! I never thought to go hands-free before, but this leash has me sold." — Kate R. 

I'm just at the start of my journey and I really appreciate you stopping by! I welcome you to join the newsletter for regular updates & discounts or leave me a message below if you'd like to get in touch. (I like to think I give great dog advice!)

Okay, But Here's The Real Reason For Everything

If you ask me (and my now-husband), our dog is just about the best thing to ever exist on this planet. So maybe this is all just an excuse to hang out with Emmet as much as possible. Someone's gotta test out all of the new products! 

Oh look, here he is now:

Good boy, Emmet.


P.S. Get in touch!